01.07.16 ~ Registration will open  for the 2016-2017 school year, in April 2016. If you are interested in Mosaic, and desire to visit in person, please email us via the "Contact" tab, so that we can inform you about upcoming tours.

Mosaic is a two-day-a-week, afternoon homeschool co-op serving the Texas Bay Area. We are dedicated to supporting homeschool families by providing classes in the subjects that are often difficult to teach at home and/or are best learned in community. Mosaic partners with families by providing a structure for them to successfully incorporate those important academic areas that help make a well-rounded child and a rich education.

We will do all the planning for you in history, science, music, and art (specific classes depend on the age of the student) taking a significant workload off the already busy homeschool mom or dad. We will capitalize on the talents of our members by allowing each parent to teach at Mosaic from a pre-planned syllabus in the subject area and grade level they are best suited to teach. We will provide the direction, curriculum, materials, equipment, supplies, classmates, and regular scheduled classroom time to provide the best environment to foster learning for your child.